The health and well-being of our guests and team is our top priority and we’re making every effort to create the safest experience for everyone.

Hand sanitising stations are available and protective perspex screens have been added for your safety.

Please pay attention to social distancing measures, good hygiene and respect the people around you.

Face coverings  are advised  unless you are seated in one of our restaurant spaces eating or drinking.

Medical Exemption

– Evidence provided through the Northern Ireland Covid Certification process for medical exemption; or
– An equivalent process in the persons place of residence of a clinical reason for not being vaccinated with any authorised vaccine- accompanied with photographic ID.

Who is Exempt from Proof of Covid Status?
• A person employed at, or responsible for, the relevant premises or relevant event
• A resident in tourism accommodation except when the resident is in a part of the tourist accommodation to which the public have access and in which intoxicating liquor may be consumed
• A person under the age of 18 years
• A person providing services in a relevant place at a time when no member of the public is in attendance at that place; or
• A person carrying out a public service function or essential repairs or maintenance at the relevant premises or relevant event
• A relevant officer
• An emergency service responder